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Our Methodology, San Antonio, TX

Our Methodology

We take the time to get to know you, your vision, and your goals so that we can craft a marketing program designed to help you achieve your specific business objectives and long-term goals. We also work with you to curate your brand story, so that your marketing is unique and impactful. This custom, personalized approach is what makes our programs so effective.

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Dental marketing methodology that transcends status quo

Strategy-First Philosophy

Tired of cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all dental marketing? Us too. This is why we believe in custom, multi-channel marketing programs tailored to your practice goals and built around your brand story. learn more

Purposeful Everything

Don’t just tell them. Tell them your story. The difference in dental marketing and dental marketing that works is elevating your brand above the noise with carefully crafted and curated content, messaging and targeting that leaves people wanting to learn more. learn more

Integrated Execution

Effective marketing requires synergy. ROI comes from comprehensive marketing strategies with an agency that knows your brand. The days of ad hoc dental marketing are gone. Your tactics should be working in tandem to drive optimum results. learn more

Tie It All Together With Transparency

We believe our results speak for themselves, which is why we provide monthly comprehensive reporting tying every patient dollar back to the channel that converted them. A dental marketing agency should be dynamic and responsive to your campaign analytics by adjusting your strategy when the results aren’t adequate, so that you get the most from your marketing spend. learn more

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Data-driven dental marketing

We believe that in order to do the right thing for the client at the right time, we have to understand how our marketing programs are performing and the impact they have on the businesses and people we serve. We use analytical insights to measure the success of our marketing programs and the growth a practice experiences as result of their marketing investment.

As a dental practice owner who is investing in marketing spend, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • How many new patients converted by phone or online scheduling as a result of this marketing tactic/channel?
  • What is my average patient value and what is my projected return on investment from my marketing campaign?
  • What is my cost per appointment for each dental marketing channel and tactic?

Our team delivers comprehensive, monthly analytics reports so that our dentists know how their marketing investment is impacting their bottom line. This transparency allows us to hold ourselves accountable for our brand promises, and also builds our relationships with our clients because they know we are truly invested in their success.


How we do it

Utilizing tracking mechanisms like tracking lines, website dynamic call tracking code, QR codes, landing pages and unique url extensions, we are able to see the origination point of every patient we send through your door. Combining call tracking software, data dashboards and Google analytics, we can calculate your ROI and have a true understanding of how your marketing program is performing. This enables us to adjust the strategy in real time for optimum results.

Schedule a strategy session or call (210) 910-4212 to learn more about our methodology and how we are dental marketing beyond the norm.