About Us

Our story

In 2018, after six years in dental marketing and almost ten years in advertising, Nicole Toudouze began a humble, one-woman dental marketing consulting business at a desk in the corner of her kids’ playroom.

In 2021, Nicole decided it was time to formally create a marketing agency that could genuinely meet the needs of dentists and pioneer a new standard of dental marketing. Transcendental was born out of a vision and noble purpose to help dentists find business success so that they could focus on what matters most: their patients.

Transcendental has expanded from 9 to 140 practices and growing. Serving clients nationwide, we have adapted to fit the demands of dental groups and businesses. By developing a new standard in marketing, Transcendental has helped dentists, dental groups, and businesses transcend norms through evidence-based, results-driven marketing strategies and curated brand stories.

Our brand promises

Our mission

You want an agency that can deliver results but also be a part of your team—people dedicated to you, your business, and its success. You want dental marketing beyond the norm. 

Transcendental is a strategic marketing agency that fosters growth for practices utilizing data-driven insights and a unique, proven dental marketing methodology. Our exclusive methods are formulated with insights gathered from working with practices nationwide and are designed to transcend dental norms. 

We aren’t just another marketing agency or dental vendor. We are your partners in growth, and we are truly committed to your success. Transcendental means beyond the norm, a standard you can expect from us every step of the way.