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Dental Practice Branding, San Antonio, TX

Dental Practice Branding

Dental Brands Beyond the Norm

Branding is much more than just a logo. It’s the sum of all experiences a patient has with your practice. That includes everything that happens prior to them walking through the door. Developing a full brand identity is crucial when launching your practice. A unique brand story will allow you to truly differentiate yourself in the market and stand out to prospective patients. A strong brand, also builds loyalty with your existing patients through ongoing brand reinforcement and building brand equity.

What Is Branding?

While your logo, signage, promotional items and other marketing materials are part of branding, your brand is the story you tell your patients and why they ultimately choose you over the practice down the street. When it comes to the brand for your dental practice, you want it to convey how you want to be remembered by your audience. Branding is ultimately the deliberate, consistent and continuous process of using art and science to curate a patient’s perception about your company, your staff and your services. This is why the assets you create during the branding process are so important to the future success of all of your marketing efforts.


Hand Crafted Dental Brands

Dental brand marketing begins with creating a unique logo that communicates who you are visually. We believe in atypical dental logo design that brings to life what a patient can expect when visiting your practice. In addition to your custom logo based your unique vision, we will create brand elements such as a color palette, typeface treatments, icons and graphics to be utilized in your marketing ongoing.

Our Process


Discovery call

We conduct a kickoff call to get an idea of your brand vision and what you want to convey.

Practice Naming

If you don’t have a name, we curate a list of options for you.


Our designer sketches six initial concepts for us to review internally based on the creative brief and client direction.


Once we fine-tune our sketches, we create six color and typeface treated mockups for you to review in your first round.

Final development

In the second round, we narrow it down to 2-3 final concepts that we further tweak.


In the third round you make your final selection and changes so that we can deliver a brand that truly reflects your practice.

Contact Us

Our team of designers at Transcendental, can help you build on your existing brand or start a completely new branding concept. Our branding package includes logo design, signage management, business and appointment cards, letterhead and envelopes, and storefront collateral such as a banner or window clings. We also work with you to develop a tagline to be used in future marketing collateral. To learn more about our branding services, Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our team members.