Meet Our Transcendentalists

Meet the founder

Nicole Toudouze

Founder + CEO of Transcendental

Nicole is an industry-leading marketing strategist specializing in growing dental practices and groups with custom, evidence-based marketing programs. Nicole has an extensive background in advertising, with a career in the ad agency space; she managed marketing strategy for brands like Bank of America, 7-Eleven, and H-E-B. In 2012, she transitioned to dentistry and became Marketing Director for DFW Family Dentistry. In 2014, the seven locations sold, and Nicole launched Breakaway marketing, an extension of Breakaway Practice support services and DSO. 

As Marketing Director of Breakaway, Nicole oversaw the branding and marketing of all Breakaway entities and directed the marketing services of over 300 dental practices nationwide. In 2018, Nicole began consulting privately for practices to share her insights and support her clients with exclusive marketing services. 

After two years of consulting, Nicole decided it was time to create a marketing agency that could genuinely meet the needs of practice owners across the country and pioneer a new standard of dental marketing. A true partner in growth, Transcendental, LLC was founded in 2021.

As a company created by a mother with young children, one of our founding principles is empowering those who are passionate about both their careers and parenthood. Nicole’s dream is to create a workplace for those with lives outside of work who won’t be racked with guilt daily or forced to choose between their work passions and their families. Where these two crucial elements of life can co-exist, and individuals can thrive in all of their roles.

At Transcendental, employee productivity is measured by dedication to doing the right thing, not time spent in the office chair. Employer success is measured by leaders who provide a supportive and flexible environment for their team members to excel in all areas of life. Above all, happy and healthy employees will always result in a growing and successful organization.