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Mass Media/Out of Home Advertising, San Antonio, TX

Mass Media

Creating your unique brand for your dental practice can be accomplished with many different marketing tools. Mass media is one of the marketing options that can be an effective option for cultivating your brand and reaching a large audience in your area. Transcendental, LLC utilizes a customized approach to our dental practice marketing plans, which may include utilizing mass media and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising to reach your growth and profit goals.

Mass media includes many of the traditional marketing channels that have been used for decades. TV, newspaper, radio, billboards and many forms of print advertising are examples of mass media. While these forms of marketing reach a large audience, they tend to be more expensive. To ensure the return is worth the investment, it is crucial to have a campaign with a specific branding message to make it effective. Our team at Transcendental, LLC has derived the data from successful dental practice mass media marketing that can be used to make your mass media campaign effective.

Digital Out of Home Advertising

Traditional out-of-home advertising used billboards, posters and signage to relay marketing messages to the masses in public areas. Digital out-of-home advertising, or DOOH advertising, is similar in design but uses updated technology. Our marketing team can help design digital ads that can reach a wide audience in your local area for a smaller investment than mass media. DOOH advertising can be a very effective tool to build your brand awareness and mesh with the other advertising components in your dental practice marketing plan.

Both mass media and digital out-of-home advertising can bring your brand to a large audience. When used as part of a larger marketing plan customized to meet your growth goals, both marketing channels can be very effective for larger dental practices. To learn more about using mass media and digital out-of-home advertising, contact our dental practice marketing experts at Transcendental, LLC for a consultation.