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Testimonials, San Antonio, TX


Kenitra C. Richardson, DMD
Transcendental & working with Nicole and Kacie has been a smooth and efficient experience. During my branding process, I could tell they were listening and did an awesome job to meet my expectations!
I have really enjoyed working with Nicole & the Transcendental team. I must admit that I was skeptic about SEO but she definitely made a believer out of me. I have been extremely pleased with the services and now have averaged 100 NPs per month for the last 3 months after only working 6-7 months with the company. You won't regret it! Thank you all for your help & dedication.
Really great quality marketing team. Excellent communication. I can defer decisions to them knowing the formula is spot on. All encompassing. They helped me with logo design, external signage, web design, web content, SEO, Google ads, mailers, social media ads, social media content, team training, photo/video shoot, and more! So great to be able to have Nicole and Lisa take the lead on these items so that I can focus on all the other aspects of the practice. Takes a load off my plate! Highly recommended.
We have been working with the Transcendental team for several years. Our year over year growth has been nothing short of amazing. They have helped focus our efforts and budget to the most cost effective marketing strategies for our target market. We look forward to continued growth with Transcendental for many years to come!
I have practiced orthodontics since 2006. I began working with Transcendental in Fall 2020 after the dust had settled from the recent pandemic. We started with some social media marketing, but they have helped me to broaden my marketing strategy over time. I have been impressed by their knowl edge and familiarity of the many marketing tools available today, and I have appreciated their thoughtful, measured direction in implementation. Thanks for all your help!
I've been in dentistry for 15 years. I opened up a new office at the end of 2019 with the assistance of Transcendental. Lisa and Nicole have opened over 200 start up offices in their career. Their expertise was evident right away. They made the process efficient and as stress free as possible. During the pandemic and office closures in 2020 they were there to offer tons of advice and encouragement. I'm looking forward to opening multiple offices in the future with Transcendental!! Thank you.
When it came to marketing for my dental practice, there was a time where you would consider me a non believer. Mostly because I had such a DIY mentality, trying to save money on paying a professional and instead putting it into whatever method I had just heard about on a dental podcast or read on a magazine, ultimately wasting money on ads, not seeing the return on investment. Being aware of the time and money I had wasted over the years, I became frustrated and had given up. I adopted a mindset that if I was a great dentist, then word of mouth would be my salvation. This was until Nicole with Transcendental came along. I was skeptical at first, but she took the time to educate me on the matter. She showed me how marketing is a science, and she was competent on how to make it work for us. Best part about it, she was able to prove it through tracking methods. The Transcendental team has been in charge of our marketing for over two years now and our team could not be more grateful. If you don’t have a marketing strategy or feel any sort of frustration when it comes down to it, reach out to Transcendental! I promise you’ll get a lot of value by just having a conversation with them. We look forward on our continued relationship with Nicole, Lisa, and the Transcendental team.