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Patient Retention, Reactivation and Loyalty, San Antonio, TX

Patient Retention, Reactivation and Loyalty

One of the key factors to successful growth and meeting revenue goals for dental practices is patient retention. With all the time, money and effort that goes into patient acquisition through marketing plans, it is vital to retain as many of these patients as possible once they come through your doors. At Transcendental, LLC, we recognize that patient retention, reactivation and loyalty efforts are necessary for long-term success. We help our clients create the right program to increase existing patient visits and services for higher revenues.

One of the biggest resources for increasing dental practice revenues is existing patients. Most dental practices have hundreds of inactive patients. Finding ways to bring these patients back in or visiting more frequently can be an enormous stream of revenue. Even new dental practices need a plan in place to address patient retention and loyalty from the very beginning. Our marketing experts at Transcendental, LLC can evaluate your existing patient retention program for effectiveness or design a program for your new dental practice. With the right program in place, it is possible to add a significant amount of revenue to your practice from patients already in your system.

Options for Improved Patient Interactions

Technology has created more opportunities to increase your interactions with existing patients. From email and texting to social media platforms, there are more ways to connect with patients and keep them actively visiting your dental practice. While mailing reminders to patients is still an option, you can reach more patients for less money using automated services and reminders. Offering incentives, discounts and improving patient experience are also ways to increase loyalty and reduce turnover. Our team at Transcendental, LLC can design an effective patient retention and loyalty program that will boost patient visits, referrals and overall revenue.

Patient retention is crucial for long-term dental practice success. Transcendental, LLC works with our dental clients to find customized solutions to reach their growth and profit goals, both in new patient acquisitions and patient retention. To learn more about our patient retention, reactivation and loyalty programs, contact our office to schedule your consultation.