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Grass Roots Marketing, San Antonio, TX

Grass Roots Marketing

There are many different types of marketing techniques that can work for building your dental practice. At Transcendental, LLC, we have studied what has worked for hundreds of dental practices and built our methodology to encompass many different techniques that are proven effective. Grass roots marketing is nothing new, as it has been used for decades to spread marketing messages for all types of businesses. What we offer is a new way to harness the power of grass roots marketing as one of the elements of your marketing strategy.

What Is Grass Roots Marketing?

The idea behind grass roots marketing is to target a small group of influential people that will help spread your marketing message. “Word of mouth” means something different in the digital age – it may not be a neighbor telling another neighbor over coffee, but instead, sharing a post with friends on social media or blasting a text to a group. Grass roots marketing is about making a distinct impression on a specific group of people and letting them spread your message. It can be a cost-effective and successful element of growing your dental practice when used purposefully and in combination with other marketing techniques.

Local topics, trends, PR stunts and emotional connections are all elements used in grass roots marketing. Unlike traditional advertising that is used to reach a larger audience with the hopes that blanketing a group will connect with a percentage of the masses, grass roots marketing is much smaller in scope. Our team at Transcendental, LLC can use these techniques to build on your existing marketing plan and enhance the growth of your dental practice.

There is rarely one marketing tool that works for every dental practice. Transcendental, LLC uses a wide range of cohesive marketing tools to reach a targeted audience for your practice, including using grass roots marketing techniques. If you want to achieve faster growth and meet your revenue goals, contact our team to discuss embarking on a customized marketing plan.